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Welcome to My Perfectly Capable Ovaries are Sleeping.  

Follow me for hints on how to live when your Perfectly Capable Ovaries are Sleeping.  Learn how to Get HappyGet Fit, how to Become a Cavewoman or a Mediterranean Vixen and of course, read about my Classy Ovaries and silly attempts at being a positive cyster!

PCOS can be a difficult diagnosis and is often overlooked.  Many don’t hear about it until they wind up in an ER with a cyst that basically EXPLODED inside of them sending shards of glass (or fluid– might as well be glass) into their abdomen, or until they have lots of unprotected sex in bedrooms, kitchens, showers, pools, cars– among other locations and never get pregnant.  With the diagnosis can come fear, sadness, a sense of loneliness and even helplessness.  It can be a scary thing and can lead a woman to feel DEPRESSED.

Being a woman who has experienced these things (the explosion inside my body, the reckless unprotected sex without bearing a child), and having the realization that I may never have the chance to be a mother– was crippling to me.  I’ve cried, I’ve prayed, I’ve searched PCOS on google nearly a thousand times and I’ve even bought a rose necklace because my mother told me I should pray to St. Therese for a baby (St. Therese’s thing are roses).  I’ve been self-loathing and pitying myself and watching my dreams go up in smoke.  In March 2014 I had experienced three unsuccessful rounds of fertility treatment and as I looked at yet another negative pregnancy test, I decided I wouldn’t live my life like this (this decision came after I cried and pouted and tried to take apart the test to see if maybe I just couldn’t see the line, of course.  The important thing is that I did make the decision not to live like this, regardless of how much of a tantrum I had at first).

While I’ve had a very negative relationship with my ovaries, I thought it was time to patch things up.  I’ve told them how much I hate them, how awful they are– and now I’ve decided to make amends.  They’re good ovaries– sure, they don’t ovulate and don’t allow me to have regular periods, but my God, what beautiful strings of pearls they’ve created for me!  Fashion forward feminine bits.  No longer will I refer to this condition as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, but rather I will try to remember that my Perfectly Capable Ovaries are Sleeping.  They just need to be woken up.

Feel free to like, share, comment, and contact.  When I was diagnosed, I felt so alone– I didn’t know anyone who had PCOS.  Let’s stick together… I want to hear your stories.

11 thoughts on “Home

  1. So since yesterday {who the F am I kidding, for a while now} I have been wondering if I have pcos. Desperately searching for details, symptoms, signs, etc. minus the god awful cyst bursting event you went through I can totally relate to you – cycles were cray cray, went on the pill at 18 to regulate, no concern as to why things were wonky, blah blah….
    Fast forward-
    I have tried 2 cycles of clomid, first one was a complete FAIL, I get word on the second this Thursday, but I am suspecting FAIL 2.0

    I go to see a RE on Monday, I am so hoping they tell me I have pcos! At least we would have a reason why my ovaries hate me!!!!

    So nice to have found your blog! Fingers crossed for you!!


    • Thanks! For some reason they seem to be weird about diagnosing PCOS– at least my GYN was. It was like they didn’t want me to know (maybe because of the psychological effects of it? I’m not sure). It was the RE who told me… so maybe at your appt. your RE will tell you! At least when you know– sure you feel like a freak, but it also gives you an explanation and an attack plan. I start my 5th round of Femara today.. the very first round was a total fail for me as well. I think it takes one cycle for your body to get used to it… hopefully you won’t have to go through 5 cycles of it… I’ve heard clomid is rough. Oh, the joys of infertility!


  2. I just happened to stumble across your blog and was immediately stopped by the title “My Perfectly Capable Ovaries Are Sleeping” I love it! This has actually made me so much happier! Thank you 🙂 Looking forward to read more! 🙂


  3. I love your blog! 🙂 As a fellow PCOS-er, I completely understand everything you’re saying. I am also one who is not overweight so I had a tough time believing it. And I have just recently learned about and have been attempting to adopt the diet recommended for PCOS women. Uhm, can I say that has been one hundred and ten times harder than giving myself all these IVF meds?!? Your blog is so refreshing and I look forward to following it!


    • Thank you! Dieting sucks, that’s why it’s a “lifestyle change” haha. What’s the PCOS diet? Is that just basically reducing sugars and artificial hormones and stuff? Or is it a specific diet?


      • Yeah… Basically all the stuff you have on your site. My acupuncturist is the one who recommended a lot of it to me. Plus some stuff she recommended to help with digestion (because that can affect it to)… Eliminate dairy, reduce simple carbs, no raw veggies (everything should be cooked), no ICE water, reduce sugar… I mean what is left to eat? And eating out is nearly impossible.


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