I am the uncommon Thin Cyster.


I am 26 years old.

Married 3 and a half years.

Strings of pearls on both ovaries (even my insides are classy).

One stint in the ER for a rebellious cyst.

TTC 1 year+

Three Six unsuccessful rounds of infertility drugs so far. On the fouth seventh.

I like things that sparkle, spanish style homes, and sterling silver jewelry.

I have decided to become positive about PCOS which is why I re-acronymed the acronym PCOS to “Perfectly Capable Ovaries are Sleeping”(I also make up words from time to time, like re-acronymed).

Follow me and we can help awaken our classy ovaries together!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Im glad you found me! With the exception that my ovaries aren’t as classy as yours (they look more broken cheap bead jewelry) and that Ive hit the 3rd decade of my existence, we have a lot of similarities! I’m on my 4th round of fertility meds too… what are you taking?


    • I’m taking Femara.. except it’s the cheap version, (letrozole). I’ve heard some really awful things about clomid– glad I’m not on that ish! What are you on? Sounds like we’re talking about street drugs…


  2. Is this your 4th round of Femara? I started with Clomid, changed to Femara, back to Clomid and this month I did Gonal-F (injectable), which is the best one so far… I was a raging bitch hot flashing bioootch with a gigantic bloated belly on femara… not fun!


    • Whaaaaaat?! On femara?! It’s the only one I’ve been on and I feel like I’m not even taking it! Hows the Gonal-F going? I think I’d be afraid to stab myself every day. I faint when I get blood taken, I can only imagine if I tried to stick MYSELF with a needle. Bad News.


      • Gonal is great! At first the stabbing might freak you out, but after a while it’s a piece of cake. The only side effect from gonal is being bloated… but I’ve been bloated on all meds I’ve been on… I’m starting to think that I’m just fat and don’t want to admit it. Are you having good lining?


      • I feel like I’ve been bloated since I got off the pill, haha I’m really not sure about my lining… My RE hasn’t done anything yet but put me on the drug. He got my files from my GYN and doesn’t seem interested in tests or anything like that just yet. He told me I’d be pregnant within 3 cycles on femara, and when I went back last week (on the 4th cycle) he looked at my husband and was like “Your turn. She’s getting regular periods, that means she’s ovulating, let’s see what’s going on with you.” So he’s going for a test next week to check his lil swimmers. Does your RE check you?


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