Travel to a Far Away Land Without Leaving Your Backyard.

This is how you do it.

This is how you do it.

Books.  I said it.  BOOKS.  Most people would prefer to sit on the couch and watch some TV– I’m telling you that TV sucks.  Books are where it’s at.  I’ve had quite a bit of time to myself these past few weeks (I’m a childless teacher, that means I spend summer finding ways to entertain myself) and I have knocked out six books so far– all of which take me to another place, allow me to be someone else for a while, and let me explore worlds I’d never known existed.  This is essential for us infertiles.  Sometimes it can be hard not to focus on our situations, but books allow you some freedom from all the BS that is infertility.  This is how you read a book as an infertile in the summer….

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Find a New Hobby– like pretending to be an artist!

My First Painting!

My First Painting! “Sleeping Ovaries”

I have had this silly inkling for a few months now where I just felt like I wanted to paint.  I am not an artist and the only painting I’ve ever done has been at Wine & Design (which is amazing by the way– wine, paint.. need I say more?).  I can’t describe this silly feeling to create something or just make a total mess.  I just felt like doing it.

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Baby Showers can be FUN for Infertiles!


Baby Shower Day!  Believe it or not, I am super excited to be going to a baby shower.  Stop rolling your eyes my infertile cysters and hold those tears in– hear me out before you start thinking I’m crazy! One of my friends who lives down the street will be having a baby boy in August and today is her shower.  Also down the street are two other very lucky ladies who are sporting baby bumps– one is about 5 months and the other only made the announcement the other day.  I am surrounded by pregnancy!  I am hoping for some good ju ju today.  I want their pregnancy ju ju all over me– I want to be bathed in all things baby to make my mind happy which will trick my body into being happy which will make my ovaries wake up and make eggs!

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Light a Fire

Light a fire

Light a fire


By the blogs I have been reading the past few days, it seems we all could use a dose of happy and huge dose of relax.  No, not relax like “relax and you’ll get pregnant!”… (we all know that’s not true)  I mean relax as in, breathe, decompress, calm yourself, enjoy the nothingness and just hang out.  It is very hard to enjoy doing absolutely nothing when you are sitting on your couch staring at the wall or sitting in front of the computer checking your WordPress Stats– therefore….

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Pups… why you need one– just kidding, why you need two.

My babies, Belle and Beast

My babies, Belle and Beast

Pups!  You’d be surprised at the joy that having dogs can give you.  If you are already an animal lover, you know what I’m talking about.  If you don’t have at least one dog– you need one.  This is not to bash anyone, but my PCOS cysters– you don’t need a dog that you treat like a “dog.”  You know– keep them outside, no pups on the furniture, no pups on the bed, scold and yell at the dog, give them one toy and think it’s enough… No.  That is not having a dog.  That’s having a captive… for no reason.  Why have a dog if you would treat it like that?  You need a dog.  A dog that is part of the family.  A wonderful, happy-to-see-you, snuggles-in-bed-with-you, gets-excited-when-you-come-home, follows-you-around-the-house, DOG.

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Holy Sh!t– someone nominated me for something?!



For me?! SHUT UP.

The Versatile Blogger Award

My phone dings so I check it out and it’s wordpress.  It’s a comment from http://mommyx4boys/ that says “I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award.”  Immediately I thought  “Holy ****(enter explicit word here.. it starts with “f” and ends with “uck”)!  Someone nominated me for something?! Thanks mommyx4boys!  I might just cry!

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Spring-a-ling, ling <3

Spring-a-ling, ling ❤

Feeling blue?  Feeling sad?  PCOS has got you mad?  Give your home a facelift!  It will have you feeling amazing in no time.  My mom came down to visit this week and she was like “Let’s make everything prettier!”  and I was like “ummm, YES!”  So, we were off to Lowe’s, grabbed some plants, and gave my front porch a makover.  And let me tell you– it brightned my day!  It may sound silly, but that yellow calla lily on my front porch right now is my shining sun.  I just love it.

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Make this happen.  Immediately.

Make this happen. Immediately.


LEMON VERBENA.  Enough said.  I have never smelled a more delicious scent.  Thank you Bath and Body Works for creating it in a candle– now go eff yourself for not making it a lotion or spray so I can douse myself in it and bask in deliciousness for an entire day.  Seriously, I would buy the entire stock if they’d make it, and goodness, you would too if you’d get the chance to smell it.  Wanna make yourself happy?  Go get a Lemon Verbena candle from Bath and Body Works (wish I got kick backs). BTW, Sunflowers are on the label– what more could you want? (Blah, blah, yes, what more could you want besides besides a baby, regular periods, being acne free, leaving the facial razors for your husband, not watching all your friends get pregnant, winning the lottery so you could afford IVF…).  Get. (Realistically) Happy. Delish!

Bring flowers into your life

Flowers! Get happy!

I never was so much a flower person before, I didn’t really understand the benefit of the flowers in the house.

At some point, when I made it a point of making my own environment better I read that it can be a great idea, that the effect of the flowers in your house is unmistakable. And, IT IS.

If you want to do something that is not costing very much just to make a better atmosphere bring the flowers into your home and your life as much as possible.

They can be the best thing you see around and they can bring you joy over and over again when you see and smell them.

Trust me, just do it, even if you don’t feel and understand the therapy their presence can be.Buy some, even without reason, its even better like this.

Below, the lilac I bought yesterday and I LOVE !…

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