Eat Paleo and look like this beastly beauty... Kind of makes you want to wrangle a dinosaur, doesn't it?

Eat Paleo and look like this beastly beauty… Kind of makes you want to wrangle a dinosaur, doesn’t it?

Paleo is this awful, terrible, wonderful, difficult, important and amazing way of living.  It is the act of getting rid of all processed foods and all hormones which should help bodies work more efficiently and healthy… which is a necessary evil for us cysters.  Ridding our bodies of these chemicals is supposed to help our ovaries and hormones function as they should.  Some say that our bodies get confused with the additives and that could be why our ovaries suck.  However, this is not an easy task.  We basically have to revert to cavewoman style eating which means nothing processed.  Almost everything is processed these days and it can be a challenge to cook all of your own meals from scratch (especially when you are a working cyster).

Mediterranean Life... give me a glass of wine and let me roam through some cobblestone streets and old villas.

Mediterranean Life is more my style… give me a glass of wine and let me roam through some cobblestone streets and old villas.

If you are ready for a drastic change but Paleo seems a bit too difficult, try the Mediterranean Diet.  It has many of the same principles as the Paleo diet (such as clean eating), except, whole grains and low-fat dairy are allowed (and red wine too!) This diet should also help PCOS by cutting out most processed foods and not eating as much meat (which will lower the hormone additives that will be introduced to your body).  The major difference I’d say between going Paleo and going Mediterranean is the whole meat aspect and the processed food aspect. Paleo encourages meat with just about every meal, whereas the Mediterranean diet encourages more fruits and vegetables and puts a limit on red meat. While processed food is prohibited in the Paleo diet, it is acceptable in small amounts in the Mediterranean Diet.   It stresses a high fruit and vegetable intake, encourages whole grains and olive oil, and even allows for some sweets every now and then.  Those who follow the Mediterranean lifestyle have a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.


While the Paleo Lifestyle is an amazing idea and I completely agree with all of it’s principles, for me, it is not the most realistic choice.  I have tried it, but I find it nearly impossible to follow if you have a social life and I found that explaining why you cannot eat the oreo cookie cake your girlfriend whipped up to come off as, well, bitchy.  Especially since I am not a chubby cyster.  I have often been told that I need to eat a hamburger, so not eating the casserole because there is cheese on it or not eating a slice of birthday cake for a one year old’s birthday party gets me some slanty looks– nor do I wish to explain myself by beginning a whole conversation about my ovaries and inability to have children to acquaintances.  However, while I will be following the Mediterranean diet, I will still be posting about the Paleo diet, simply because I really do believe that it is amazing.

Which lifestyle is best for you?


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