Sex, sex, sex... or BD, whichever you prefer.

Sex, sex, sex…

Here’s the sex page.  How can you have a blog about PCOS, cry about your stupid ovaries and feminine bits, discuss things like IUI, IVF, Femara and Clomid– and not have a sex page?  That just seems ridiculous.  This whole Pearly Syndrome is centered around sex.  I mean seriously, many of us found out we had PCOS by having sex.. why?  Because a baby never showed up!  15 year olds have sex 3 times and are pregnant, and we’ve had sex 24,475,937,625 times and still aren’t pregant– *light bulb*.

Does this mean I will be posting about my sexcapades? Um, no effing way– that would be super awkward– and then I’d have to take my pictures down because you’d know what I look like and you’d picture me in strange positions– which you may be doing now because I said it.  This got weird real quick.

Anywho– I will be posting about sex in general.  While I may refer to some sexy situations that might involve my DH (ha, the shorthand cracks me up sometimes), details will (most likely) not be shared.  We shall see how this goes.


Happy Sexing! (Notice I didn’t say “sexting”.. be careful with that ish).

p.s. I may refer to sex sometimes as “BD” because I think it’s hilarious.  Oh, PCOS forums, you make my world a brighter place.


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